Chinese Family Attacks Police Officers Because They Can’t Illegally Park Their BMW

The owner of a BMW in Chengdu, China was jailed along with members of his family after they attacked police officers who repeatedly told the driver he couldn’t park in a no-parking lane.
According to Shanghaiist, the driver, He Tao, decided to illegally park his BMW on December 22 around 11:00 a.m. While on a routine patrol, police officers noticed the illegally parked BMW and told the driver that he wasn’t allowed to park in the lane. After some reluctance, He eventually moved his car.
But only a few minutes later, He came back to the same spot and illegally parked his BMW again. Police officers explained once again that he wasn’t allowed to park in the lane and He drove off a second time.
A few minutes later, He parked his BMW for a third time in the same spot. Police confronted him once again but this time He was willing to put up a fight. Frustrated, He reportedly said to police, “Do you want me to take my clothes off as well?”
The police ended up running his plates to discover that He’s BMW was overdue on a mandatory vehicle inspection and asked to see his driver’s license, which he refused to give to police. The officers then ordered the car to be towed away and that He be brought to the police station with his credentials.
After seeing that He was being hassled by the police, three men, including He’s father, came out of a nearby Chinese medicine shop, surrounded the car and reportedly began yelling, “The police are attacking people!” as a crowd gathered around the scene.
The men associated with He and members of the crowd began pushing the police back and preventing them from leaving the area. At this time, a woman came out of the Chinese medicine shop and slapped one of the officers in the face.
Eventually, more police officers arrived as backup and He and his father were arrested. The woman who slapped one of the officers was detained four days later.
The stubborn illegal parker and his father were sentenced to serve seven days in jail as punishment.
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