Chinese Factory Exposed For Recycling Used Adult Diapers to Make New Ones

Usually, the idea of recycling is something to be applauded, but one Chinese factory’s methods are just too crappy to be appreciated.

A small manufacturing plant in the province of Shandong was recently discovered to be recycling used, soiled adult diapers to make new ones.

According to (via Shanghaiist), a raid by local authorities on the underground facility in Tancheng county on Tuesday exposed the unnamed firm’s “shitty” practice. The raid was part of the annual tradition that marks the national Consumer Rights Day in China celebrated every March 15th.

The website published the photos from the operation showing stacks of used diapers and shredded cotton retrieved from the garbage.

The ingenious idea behind the business involved ripping apart old adult diapers to re-use the cotton inside them to fill new diapers. Once the recycled diapers are repackaged and branded like new, they are sold very cheaply.

Reporters took wind of the stinky business model when they noticed the suspiciously low prices of the adult diapers.

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