Chinese Entrepreneur Spends $145K on Plastic Surgery To Look Like Jack Ma

Chinese Entrepreneur Spends $145K on Plastic Surgery To Look Like Jack Ma
Ryan General
November 30, 2016
A young Chinese man reportedly underwent an expensive surgical procedure not to become a Chinese heartthrob or a Hollywood celebrity, but to make himself look like one of China’s most notable business tycoons.
Huang Jian, who hails from Shenzhen, China, spent 1 million RMB (over $145, 000) so he could look exactly like the outspoken founder of Alibaba, Jack Ma.
Huang, a salesman himself, said that one of the reasons he went under the knife is he hopes to meet his billionaire idol in the future, according to People’s Daily. He had his series of operations in South Korea to achieve a more natural Jack Ma look. He also stated that he intends to enroll at Hupan College, a school that Ma opened in the city of Hangzhou for business start-ups.
Netizens were quick to point out, however, that his chosen strategy to meet his idol reflects his ability as a salesman. Many expressed that changing one’s looks to impress an idol is not a smart move. 
“Someone please tell him he has just wasted a million RMB,” one commenter said.
“Does he look like Jack Ma? I don’t think so!  What a waste of money. He should have donated his money to some charitable organizations. At least he will receive a big Thank-you,” another netizen expressed.
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