Chinese Electric Workers Bravely Nap on Towers 160 Feet Above the Ground

No matter how brave you think you are, you can never be as brave as these Chinese electric workers literally taking naps on a tower 50 meters (164 feet) above the ground.


The team of electric workers from Hunan province, China was captured on video taking naps on the steel frames of a transmission tower 50 meters above ground. They are tied to the metal beams via safety ropes as they take a few minutes to snooze during their shift.

Netizens expressed their awe at the video, which went viral on Chinese social media.

Please be careful, and arrive home safe and sound,” a Weibo user wrote, as translated by South China Morning Post.

I’m afraid of heights. I wouldn’t take that job even if you offered me 10,000 yuan ($1,490) a day,” another said.

Featured images screenshot via YouTube / South China Morning Post

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