Chinese Driver Totally Thinks It’s Fine To Drive the Wrong Way on Freeway

While many Asians have been demolishing every stereotype there is, there will always be a handful who are bound to prove them correct one incident at a time.

Such is the case of this Chinese driver who recently exhibited a blatant ignorance/disregard/respect to basic traffic laws. 

A surveillance camera caught the antics of one unidentified motorist who, upon missing his exit on a Jiangxi freeway, decided to simply stop his car, turn it around and nonchalantly drive back to the missed exit. Not minding that he just drove against the flow, the driver played it like it was the alright thing to do.

Stopped by the traffic enforcers, he explained that he thought it was not illegal, according to Shanghaiist

These incidents are, unfortunately, not uncommon. Similar maneuvers were captured on camera during the traffic rush of the Spring Festival. Two separate cases of people who were riding scooters were caught by police driving the wrong way at night on a highway.

All clips are compiled and shown in this YouTube video:

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