Chinese Driver Fined For Making His Cheap Car Look Like a Porsche

A Chinese driver was stopped at checkpoint and fined after he tried to pass his car as an expensive Porsche model.

South China Morning Post reported that an unnamed man from China was stopped at a checkpoint in Hunan province. He was charged $72 for modifying his car which failed to match his registration details.

The man allegedly spent about $28 in stickers and emblems to make it look like a Porsche Macan. But police officers were able to quickly identify his vehicle to be a Chinese Zotye SR9 model. The man’s car roughly costs around $14,000 while a Porsche Macan is priced over five times that amount.


Porsche is already looking at the possibility of suing Chinese car company Zoyte because their T700 looked like their expensive Macan model.

It is completely understandable since one of the major selling points of these high-end car brands is their “exclusivity.” Aside from the quality and performance, customers love the idea of owning something that only a few people possess.

Meanwhile, another premier car manufacturer, Land Rover, is suing another Chinese car company for “copying” their Rover Evoque.

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