Chinese Drink Under Fire For Claiming it Makes Boobs Bigger, Skin Whiter

Chinese Drink Under Fire For Claiming it Makes Boobs Bigger, Skin Whiter
King Malleta
February 23, 2017
A Chinese beverage company controversially advertised that drinking coconut juice can increase a woman’s breast size, a claim not backed by any kind of scientific findings.
Chinese media recently criticized the ad made by Coconut Palm brand to lure more customers. The ad claimed that if women drink one can of their product a day, they will become “white, tender, and bosomy.”
Producers of the advert also strategically used visual representation to attract customers by hiring a young well-endowed female model wearing a plunging neckline while holding the coconut drink.
The ad stirred controversy when nutritionists claimed that the product has no nutritional value. Furthermore, the company can’t back up what the drink claims it will do. The company has not conducted tests and experiments on their drinks in correlation to a woman’s bust size.
According to South China Morning Post, a staff of the Coconut Palm company claimed that they added no new ingredients to the product and their slogan solely relied on beliefs in many Asian countries that coconut water helps enhance a woman’s bosom.
“We saw this benefit from a Hong Kong newspaper in 1997. Our manager recently felt it could be included as part of our marketing. So we used it as a reference,” said the staff.
This recent incident could hurt the company and the drink’s reputation since it is widely considered a national beverage. It’s been out in the market for years and is frequently served to guests in various events.
See the ad for yourself below:
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