Chinese Doctor Has 10-Minute Wedding Before Rushing Back to Fight Coronavirus

A recently married doctor is reaping praises online for sacrificing the festivities of his own wedding so he can rush back to treating novel coronavirus patients in his town. 

The wedding, held in Heze, China on January 30, recently made headlines for being so short, reports China Times.  

As it turns out, the couple had decided to wrap the ceremony in just 10 minutes so the groom can go back to saving lives at the hospital. 

To make it happen, the ceremony did away with many of the traditional wedding trappings. 

The event was attended by only five people composed of the newlyweds, the groom’s parents and the marriage officiant.

When asked how she felt about the quick wedding, the bride said she didn’t mind at all, adding that she was satisfied with how it all turned out.

She then explained that it was extremely important to allow her husband to return to work with peace of mind.

Since the outbreak of the novel coronavirus in Wuhan, medical professionals in surrounding cities and even across the country have been called to task in helping to contain the epidemic.

As of this writing, the confirmed number of patients in China has reached 20,493, with 2,788 of them in critical condition. Among the recorded cases, 425 have died while 766 have recovered.

The novel coronavirus has now spread to 27 countries and territories worldwide, with 20,696 confirmed cases, 427 deaths, and 781 recoveries.

Featured image via China Times

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