Chinese Diners Freak Out After Cooked Fish Leaps Off Plate at Restaurant

A restaurant in China serves seafood so fresh, it will literally jump off your plate!

An amusing video circulating on Chinese social media platforms features a group of shocked diners whose meal was momentarily interrupted when the cooked fish on their table suddenly leaped from its plate.

The steamed flatfish, which was seasoned with ginger slices, spring onions, and soy sauce, showed signs of life, appearing to breathe. When the fish started to flip over, two men started standing up and moving away from the dining table.

The fish, which had visible cuts on its body, spooked the rest of the diners when it eventually flew out of the plate and landed on the table.

According to MailOnline, the incident happened in an unnamed restaurant in China. The short video of the incident was uploaded to local video-sharing platform Youku and became widely shared on Chinese social media.

Netizens have since dubbed the jumping seafood “zombie fish” for appearing to “spring back to life” even after death. It is believed that the fish was not completely cooked, which allowed some of its cells to still react to stimuli even after its death.

Feature image via YouTube / Netizen Watch

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