Australian Police Look for 2 Men Who Attacked Chinese Delivery Man in Racist Attack

Australian Police Look for 2 Men Who Attacked Chinese Delivery Man in Racist Attack
Bryan Ke
July 7, 2020
The South Australia Police is seeking the public’s help in identifying the two men who assaulted a Chinese delivery driver in Adelaide’s Chinatown over the weekend.
What happened: The incident happened and was filmed on Saturday in Gouger Street near Adelaide’s Chinatown, according to Daily Mail.
  • Two unidentified White men reportedly blocked the Chinese delivery cyclist at around 6:30 p.m.
  • The men allegedly exchanged words before the violent confrontation.
  • One of the assailants, seen wearing a camouflage hoodie, walked closer to the delivery man and punched him in the face.
  • The two men — one of them holding a dog — can be seen casually walking away from the scene.
  • The delivery man suffered minor injuries from the attack.
  • The person who filmed the incident asked the delivery driver if he was alright.
  • Police were immediately called following the incident and a report has been filed.
  • The victim, however, refused to speak to the media about what happened, South China Morning Post reported.
The aftermath: Many Asians and Asian Australians expressed outrage after the video became widely shared on social media.
  • Asian Australian users organized on WeChat to share information about the attackers and their possible locations.
  • Others also volunteered to patrol the area in the hopes of finding the assailants in the viral video.
  • Some users are planning to stage a peaceful protest against the growing racism Asians face in Australia while the government takes little steps to stop them from happening.
  • “The Australian government won’t fix this … We have to stand up for each other,” one user said. “They don’t care about us, they care only about the power contest.”
  • “Until the Australian government and authorities consider the anti-Chinese rhetoric [in Australia] as being racist, we will see more Chinese-Australians banding together to protect the community,” Erin Chew, an activist from the Asian Australian Alliance group, said.
  • Community leaders are now looking into the case, according to City of Adelaide councillor Simon Hou.
  • The number of racist attacks on Asians, particularly ones wearing face mask amid the COVID-19 pandemic, is on the rise, according to South Australia’s Equal Opportunity Commissioner Niki Vincent.
  • Authorities are asking those who may have information to contact Crime Stoppers on 1800 333 000 or to file a tip online at
Feature Image Screenshot via Say Leng Kapsis
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