Chinese Dad Wins Internet After Picking Up Daughter from School in T-Rex Costume

Chinese Dad Wins Internet After Picking Up Daughter from School in T-Rex Costume
Bryan Ke
By Bryan Ke
November 8, 2018
A father from Shanghai is winning the hearts of netizens after a video of him picking up his daughter from her kindergarten school while dressed in a full-body T-Rex costume went viral.
The heart-melting moment happened during Halloween 2018, Daily Mail reported. It was shared on popular video app Dou Yin and gained over 150,000 likes and was widely shared on Chinese social media.
The video started out with the father – dressed in an inflatable 2 meters (6.5 feet) T-Rex costume – hilariously walking inside the school along with other parents who are there to pick up their kids.
Kids and parents alike were confused after seeing a large dinosaur graciously walking down the school’s corridors.
He then approached his daughter who is waiting for him in line along with her classmates. Instead of being confused just like the rest of them, she welcomed the big tyrannosaurus with joy and laughter.
The brave girl, after realizing that it was her daddy, immediately raised her hand to pet the massive dinosaur as other children and parents laughed at the heartwarming sight.
While speaking to Beijing News, it was revealed that the surprise costume visit was a sort of reward for the girl’s good behavior at school. She wished that one day a dinosaur would pick her up at school, and her parents made sure that this will happen.
She fulfilled her promise to us to behave well at school, so we wanted to fulfill our promise to her,” the girl’s mother told the media. “It’s just mutual respect, I think.”
They then searched the internet and found an online store that sells the giant inflatable T-Rex costume, which they bought to surprise their daughter.
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