Father Takes 4-Year-Old Son on Epic Roller Blading Adventure to Show Him How Hard Life Is

Father Takes 4-Year-Old Son on Epic Roller Blading Adventure to Show Him How Hard Life Is
Editorial Staff
April 15, 2016
Dads can sometimes get pretty creative in parenting when their wives are away.
Last month, one man took his 4-year-old son on a 336-mile rollerblading trip to Beijing.
While his wife was away visiting her hometown, the 39-year-old truck driver took his son rollerblading from their home city of Puyang city, Henan, to Beijing. The father who goes by his surname, Zhang, had the grand idea of teaching his son important life lessons via roller blading.
The duo began their journey at 8 a.m. and rolled their way down the China National Highway 106, stopping once every hour for a break. During their breaks they grabbed a bite to eat, hydrated and found overnight accommodations.
Zhang said the toughest part about the whole trip was the bumpy rough roads and the windy weather. He said:
“Even though my son was in tears several times, he never gave up. That was the purpose of the journey, to train him to persevere.”
According to NetEase reports (via Shanghaiist), Zhang would snap a photo of his son by the highway signs in each new town they reached. By the time they arrived to Beijing, Zhang had taken 600 photos. On April 4, 14 days after they set out, Zhang and his son had reached Beijing. Zhang offered some poetic insight into his trip. He said:
“Life is just like taking a walk down a road, sometimes it’s smooth, but sometimes it gets bumpy. I hope that this experience will leave a deep impression my son as he grows up.”
As a celebratory gift, Zhang took the 4-year-old to all the Beijing tourist hotspots.
Thankfully for the ride home, Zhang decided they deserved to take the high-speed train.
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