Chinese Dad Finds Unique Solution to Make His 5-Year-Old Son More Badass

Zhang Wang is only 5 years old but he is already impressing everyone in his hometown in China’s Sichuan Province for his impressive balancing skills while walking on a tightrope.

The skillful young Chinese boy learned his unusual hobby from his dad, who is a professional tightrope walker, NetEase reported (via Shanghaiist).

His father trains him every morning just before going to his kindergarten class. His daily routine includes walking 500 meters along a wire while his dad watches in close proximity, carefully guiding him, and ready just in case he loses his balance.


While he is undeniably talented, graceful, and already skillful at balancing, what is most impressive is his attitude toward his dad’s strict training schedule.


The little daredevil trains his body for endurance and strength by doing push-ups, running, and squatting. He is also taken to occasional rock climbing near their home in Nanjiang county.


According to Zhang’s dad, the boy’s interest was piqued from watching him do his regular training.


While he has no plans yet whether a future career in tightrope walking is in store for his son, the proud father stated that he just aims to help boost his son’s self-confidence through tightrope walking.


Zhang’s dad further stated that he’d rather have the boy finish college, but would support him anywhere his heart takes him in the future.


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