Chinese Dad Celebrates Baby Daughter’s One-Month Birthday With a Fleet of Drones

A Chinese dad found a unique way to celebrate his baby daughter’s one-month birthday: a mesmerizing display of an awful lot of drones.

UAV aficionado Xu Yayun decided it would be perfect to invite all his fellow drone-loving friends over to his house on Monday, reported NetEase (via Shanghaiist). He asked his buddies to let a massive number of drones hover above his house to celebrate his daughter’s one-month birthday in geeky style.

While the one-month-old daughter may be too young to appreciate the supposedly epic display of modern gadgetry, her dad and his pals seemed to have had a great time.

Hopefully the proud father gets to top this month’s celebration for his daughter’s future milestones. Netizens are already wondering in anticipation what’s in store for the baby’s second-month birthday.  

“What is he going to get his daughter for her two-month birthday?” said one comment.

Kid must be wondering what’s all that ruckus!” said another.

In China, drones are slowly becoming a part of the modern Chinese lifestyle. Aside from celebrating baby birthdays, the Chinese also use drones in farming, traffic management and in the near future artificial organ delivery.  

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