A ‘Luxury Tour’ in China Makes Over $1.4 Million a Month Scamming Rich Women

Extremely wealthy Chinese women are being scammed out of hundreds of thousands to go on Hong Kong luxury tours that offer “certified” cosmetic procedures along with good-looking boy toys on fancy cruise ships.
CNR News via Shanghaiist reports that the sea clinic has been hosting charity parties across China for half a year. They gained credibility by promoting themselves alongside famous Hong Kong TV stars, male models and people they claimed to be international anti-aging experts.
Among those who were invited to the parties included female celebrities, successful professionals and the wives of government officials. The women were treated as VIPs and escorted by handsome men down a red carpet and into the venue.
The clinic marketed the exclusive five-day, four-night luxury Hong Kong tour as the “Luxury Hong Kong Age Reverse Journey.” Though the package is priced at 38,000 yuan ($6,100) a person, those who signed up enjoyed three complimentary Hyaluronic acid injections.
The fraudulent clinic claims to have been established in Hong Kong in 2005. They have been organizing their tour since September of 2014 and have held at least eight in total. Each tour has hosted about 30 customers. The company has been making approximately 9 million yuan ($1.4 million) a month.
On the first day of the most recent tour, the women checked in to a five-star hotel.
The next day involved attending a medical talk.
Nighttime festivities included a cruise along the Victoria Harbour, drinks and a male striptease.
On the third day, hotel rooms were transformed into surgical operation rooms. The women received Botox, hyaluronic acid and hormone injections. Meanwhile, a few women had more invasive operations that included rhinoplasty.
Most of the surgeons posed as certified Hong Kong doctors and used illicit drugs during the procedures.
The anti-aging “experts” convinced the women to purchase more treatment packages by telling them they would rapidly age if they opted out of it.
Hormone injections cost 130,000 yuan ($21,000) per injection. One live cell injection costs 6,480,000 yuan ($1 million).
One woman was talked into buying a 3 million yuan ($483,000) treatment package.
A few women have also reported red rashes or bruises on their face after going on the tour, according to Apple Daily via AsiaOne.
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