Chinese Couple Who’s Never Spent a Day Apart in 81 Years is Peak Relationship Goals

Chinese Couple Who’s Never Spent a Day Apart in 81 Years is Peak Relationship Goals

March 17, 2017
It’s a beautiful thing to see couples growing old together, and this elderly pair from China is proof that happily ever after really is possible.
The elderly couple was interviewed by a Chongqing Evening reporter to find out the secret of a long-lasting marriage. They revealed that one of their secrets is never being apart, not even for a day.
The inspiring couple also added that treating each other with kindness and being content are part of the formula for a successful marriage.
Wife Wu Xi’an is 100 years old while her husband, Xiang Yongshan, is younger by a year at 99-years-old. Today, they have a five-generation family with 55 descendants. And just like other families, their children and grandchildren come home every year to celebrate the Spring Festival together.
Their journey to marriage was not easy, according to Shanghaiist. When Wu was little, her parents bound her feet because of the old Chinese tradition and belief that having tiny feet would help her find a suitable husband.
When she turned six, her parents and Xiang’s parents agreed to marry them in the future. The two were eventually married when she turned 19-years-old, after she presented her dowry of curtains and pillows with embroidery she made herself.
It was found out that Xiang’s family was richer than Wu’s and this might be the reason why she never got to go to school. Up to this day, the only characters she knows are her and her husband’s name.
This is truly a beautiful testament that in a world of temporary and superficial things, some love still survives.
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