Chinese SWAT Couple Fakes Relationship for Parents, Gets Married For Real

This original SWAT themed wedding photo shoot is making the internet go “dawwwwww.”
A Chinese SWAT couple recently shared their wedding pictures online. Yang Liu, 26, and Li Jisheng, 27, apparently fell for eachother after pretending to be together to entertain their elderly family members.
Yang and Li are both members of the SWAT team of Hebei city in central China’s Henan Province, according to CCTV news. The two faked their relationship for years, but ended up tying the knot for real just recently.
Daily Mail reported that Yang and Li kept their affair under wraps so many of their own team members were surprised when the two publicly announced their engagement. To celebrate their love, Yang and Li chose to do a SWAT themed photoshoot to showcase how they met and their everyday lives together.
The newlyweds appear in their combat gear in a series of photographs posted on Facebook. Yang said:
“The reason for taking wedding photos in army style comes from the fact that this is how we knew each other and fell in love, and I think it showed our authentic lifestyle as members of the SWAT team.”
In one scene, Li climbs over a high wall and hands his blushing bride beautiful wedding bouquets. In another photo Yang changes out of her white gown into her special forces gear, but keeps her veil.
The shoot was done at the police camp where the two spends most of their time. Yang, the only female member of the Hebei City SWAT team, has a reputation for being a skilled shooter.

Chinese couple faked relationship, ended up married

26-year-old Yang Liu and 27-year-old Li Jisheng were never…

Posted by CCTVNews on Tuesday, September 13, 2016

According to her husband, his wife worries when he gets assigned to emergency missions. She sometimes requests to accompany him on these missions so that she can watch his back.  
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