97-Year-Old Man Gives His Wife, 99, Roses on ‘Chinese Valentine’s Day’

A 97-year-old husband showed just how much he loved his 99 year-old-wife by giving her a huge bouquet of roses.

All screenshots from YouTube.

He can be seen walking a bit shakily but determined to reach his wife, where he presents her with the arrangement of flowers.

May 20th, pronounced in Mandarin, sounds similar to “I love you” (wo ai ni) marking this day as an unofficial “Valentine’s Day” in China.

Another part of the video shows them sharing food and yet another clip shows the loving husband presenting his endearing wife a necklace.

They both live Shandong city of Linyi and are rarely seen without each other, according to their granddaughter.

They often say, “We don’t have much time left and try to cherish each and every day together.”

Watch the show of love on “Valentine’s Day” in the full video below:


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