Chinese Couple Poses For Happy Selfie After House Almost Burns Down

A young couple from Guilin, Guangxi Province, China is going viral on Weibo for their cheerful selfie series taken after their house nearly burned down.

According to Shanghaiist, the fire broke out when the heater they were using to dry their clothes short-circuited.

Luckily, they acted quickly, and, with the help of some neighbors, were able to extinguish the fire before their house burned down.

Relieved that their house was still standing, the pair, covered in soot, decided to commemorate the moment by taking upbeat, positive photos.

With their “couple look” Totoro hoodies, the pair posed in front of the damaged wall and sofa, their clothes and faces completely covered in residue.

“This incident has taught us that winter fire prevention is very important… and to face everything with a smile!” said the unnamed man.

Their post on Weibo humorously wished for the lives of their fellow netizens to “also be filled with warmth and energy” in the new year. They also reminded others to be cautious, lest the same misfortune befall another.

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