Chinese Couple Misses Their Wedding Due to Traffic, Creates Their Own Happy Ending

Nothing can ruin this Chinese couple’s wedding plans. Not even a massive traffic jam.

A would-be husband and wife from Shaanxi province recently had to deal with some horrible traffic in China on the day they were to exchange their vows, Southern Metropolitan Daily reported (via Shanghaiist).

Apparently, a car accident had caused a massive traffic jam and shut down the road, trapping the wedding convoy in a long tunnel.

The couple began to feel a bit worried since a local custom suggests that marriages only become happy if the wedding ceremony was conducted before noon. With the time ticking down and understanding that they might stay trapped for a long while, the couple needed to make a decision.

Since the whole wedding crew and guests were also trapped in the tunnel, the decision was made to conduct an improvised wedding ceremony.

What could be more romantic than exchanging vows in the tunnel’s dimly lit space, with all their loved ones present? Family, friends, guests and some extra spectators decided to watch the impromptu event.

The traffic was later cleared in the afternoon and the couple exited the tunnel as happy newlyweds.

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