Chinese Couple Delays Flight After Violent Brawl on the Tarmac

A Chinese couple’s violent fight on an airport tarmac disrupted a flight in China, causing it to be delayed for half an hour.

Photo by Huanqiu

Passengers of the China Eastern flight had to endure a “minor” inconvenience on Tuesday, April 18, after a pair of passengers began arguing as they were boarding the plane.

Photo by Huanqiu

According to Huanqiu (via Daily Mail), the incident, which involved two passengers of Flight MU5843 bound for Chengdu, occurred at Kunming Changsui International Airport.

Photo by Huanqiu

What started as a verbal argument eventually turned into a physical altercation when the couple suddenly started pushing each other. Video footage of the incident shows the man later throwing the woman to the ground. The two wrestled for a few minutes, with the woman being trampled on for the most part. Airport employees tried to intervene but were unable to break up the fight. The brawling partners were only stopped when airport police arrived.

Photo by Huanqiu

After causing such a commotion on the tarmac, the couple were both denied entry to the plane by the flight captain and were instead held by airport authorities in a detention facility. Flight MU5843 was then allowed to take off, thirty minutes later than scheduled.

It was later revealed that the arguing couple was going through a nasty divorce.

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