Chinese Couple Arrives Late to the Airport, LITERALLY Tries to Stop Plane From Taking Off

A Chinese couple who arrived late for their Shanghai-bound flight pulled off a ridiculous protest on the airport runway to prevent the plane from taking off, causing a 20-minute delay for the Saturday morning Air China flight.
The unnamed pair also knocked down airport employees to stage their peculiar stunt, according to China’s state run media Beijing Youth Daily (via South China Morning Post).
The couple reportedly arrived at the boarding gate in Beijing Capital International Airport after it had already been closed. Not giving up easily, the two latecomers pushed their way through several airline employees, knocking some of them down, ran to the tarmac where the plane was located.
The wife then warned the ground staff that she would not leave after being refused entry. Standing on the runway,  the couple even placed their suitcase below the aircraft to prevent it from taking off.
“When two police officers tried to approach the woman she became really emotional and started crying and waving her arms,” one witness said.
After a few minutes of airport drama, the husband dragged his wife into a police car and both were driven away from the plane. The aircraft was then allowed to finally fly.
The Chinese couple are now under administrative detention for five days by airport police.
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