Chinese Couple Adopts Stray Dog, Finds Out It’s Actually a Fox

A Chinese couple from Guangzhou, China who adopted a stray dog was surprised to learn that their new-found pet was actually an Arctic fox.
The husband, Huang, discovered the animal stranded outside his home last week in the pouring rain, according to GB Times. He didn’t have the heart to leave the animal out in the rain so he decided to take it in.
His wife promptly gave the supposed dog a nice bath before putting it inside a bird cage. While blow-drying his wet fur, however, she noticed the creature’s extra fluffy tail, it’s vicious looking teeth, sharp nails and a “strong scent” that didn’t go away even after bathing.
Suspicious about his newly adopted pet, Huang posted pictures of the animal on the internet and consulted friends. When others commented that the creature’s appearance resembled that of a fox, Huang was concerned it might be dangerous.
Instead of abandoning the animal, he waited to confirm the suspicions and left the cage outside of his house overnight. The next morning Huang and his wife woke up to find that the animal had opened the contraption and escaped.
The couple reported the animal to local wildlife authorities who found the creature and sent it to a wild animal center. The authorities believe the “stray dog” may have been an Arctic fox that another person had raised as a pet before abandoning it.
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