Chinese Construction Worker Gains One Million Followers for Jaw-Dropping Fitness Routines

A Chinese construction worker has attracted more than one million followers on social media thanks to his jaw-dropping fitness routines.
After leaving school, Shi Shenwei joined his uncle’s construction crew as a skinny boy. He was previously addicted to online games.
Now, the 23-year-old spends his free time swinging on poles. His routines are filmed by his cousin, who uses four different smartphones shooting from multiple angles.
Shi’s no-harness stunts are posted on Kuaishou, a mobile video app, where he has nearly 1.2 million followers. He is known to them as “Brick Carrier Little Wei.”
The young man was inspired after stumbling upon an online video that promoted street workouts. He told Reuters:
“I found another self through body-building, a source of energy that came from within. Online gaming could never give me that.”
Shi’s coworkers couldn’t help but wonder where the “part-time gymnast” finds the energy to do his passion, even with a grueling 10-hour work day. Apparently, he’d rather sweat than sing:
“While other people are eating and singing karaoke, I’m whole-heartedly focused on what I want to do.”
As a result of his popularity, Shi appeared on talent shows and received support from fitness enthusiasts. There are also talks of him taking part in a movie.
The laborer maintains the humble dream of opening his own gym one day, and for now, he sure knows his purpose:
“This is what I want to convey through my videos – a positive mind that enjoys life.”
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