Chinese Company Releases Motorized Scorpion Gaming Cockpit for $3,299

Chinese Company Releases Motorized Scorpion Gaming Cockpit for $3,299Chinese Company Releases Motorized Scorpion Gaming Cockpit for $3,299
A Chinese company called Cluvens has released a gaming “cockpit” that looks like a giant black scorpion.
Nothing yells “Get over here!” like a massive scorpion tail-mimicking, motorized and transforming gaming chair to amp up one’s PC battlestation.
Made up of “industrial grade carbon steel,” it’s able to support a weight of up to 276 pounds (125 kilograms), according to PC Gamer.
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Users can change the way they’re positioned with a press of a button. Whether they’re ready to go on the attack or want to relax, users can unfurl the “body” to lean back and lie down after a long gaming session.
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Cluvens also added a massage and heating function so users can look like “the ultimate villain” in comfort, the company said on its website.
Gamers who buy the beast can put either three 29-inch monitors on the tail overhang or one 49-inch ultrawide curved monitor.
On its arms is a table where users can place their keyboard and mouse, and judging by the promotional pictures, the CPU can sit on the scorpion’s right-hand side.
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The pincers, found at the end of the armrests, look a little sharp. But Cluvens addressed this concern, saying they “actually got rounded corners.”
“Its main function is used as a keyboard and mouse stand, on its side there is a slot that conveniently stores a remote control for the cockpit.”
Users also shouldn’t worry about the legs of the scorpion scratching the floor when it moves. Cluvens explained the legs “aren’t actually touching the floor.”
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As for safety, Cluvens advised users in its notes to “Avoid putting any of your own body parts between any mechanical moving parts when adjusting the cockpit.”
“To avoid accidents or injuries and damage to family property, ensure that no one (person/except person helping, pet or objects) is around the cockpit during initial installation of the cockpit; while moving the cockpit, or adjusting the cockpit for desired positions,” it said in another point.
Although the price on its website says $3,299, Chinese e-commerce site Alibaba is offering the scorpion for $1,999.
Images via Alibaba
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