A Chinese Company Slaps Female Workers With Fines If They Get Pregnant at the Wrong Time

A firm in China is punishing its female employees for becoming pregnant at times deemed inconvenient for the company.

A recent notice was issued by the credit union, situated in the Shanyang district of Henan province, regarding new regulations for female employees who have been married for more than a year, reports the Bastille Post. According to the notice, the department has specified timeframes for workers to get pregnant and those who fall out of line could face fines of up to 1,000 yuan and be held back from promotions.

The notice read:

“Those who fail to follow the plan, thus affecting their work, will face a one-off fine of 1,000 yuan, and will not be considered for a promotion nor considered well-performed in appraisals.”

“Those whose work is seriously affected will face a reduction from their salary and year-end bonus.”

A male spokesperson for the firm explained that the recent notice was directed at newly recruited female college graduates who are at “the appropriate age for giving birth.” The notice was meant to deter employees from getting pregnant and taking maternity leave at the same time.

A female employee at the company told reporters that many of the workers have no option but to adhere to the family planning notice because it would be harder to find a new job. She told reporters:

“However, no one can guarantee that one can get pregnant within that exact time period. The requirement is too harsh.”

Source: Shanghaiist

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