Chinese Company Has the Most Bizarre Team-Building Exercise Ever

Chinese Company Has the Most Bizarre Team-Building Exercise Ever
Ryan General
September 19, 2016
Team-building activities are meant to promote camaraderie and improve relationships among employees in the workplace. 
Netizens are wondering however, what exactly one Chinese company has been promoting through one of the games it asked its workers to play in one such event, reported Daily Mail.
A video surfaced online showcasing male employees of an unidentified company being told to eat grapes that were hung on the breasts of their female co-workers. The challenge was to do the task as quickly as possible.
The activity was reportedly aimed to “improve the friendship between colleagues,” as claimed in the video uploaded to Chinese social media site Weibo by a user named ‘Black Video’ on Tuesday.
With the grapes hanging around the necks and atop the breasts of the ladies, the men were instructed to eat the grapes with just their mouths, unaided by their hands. The rest of the employees watched in excitement as the guys gobbled up the fruits.
In what seemed to be a race on finishing to eat all the grapes first, a man wearing a striped shirt appeared to have won the competition.His ecstatic female partner was shown excitedly jumping with happiness for their win.
What kind of team exercise is this?!
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