Chinese Commuter Fakes a Seizure on the Train to Get a Seat

Chinese Commuter Fakes a Seizure on the Train to Get a Seat
Ryan General
By Ryan General
December 1, 2017
A Chinese commuter has impressed and shocked the internet for his unique strategy in securing a free seat during rush hour.
With no more space to sit on, the unidentified man decided to fake a seizure just so he could clear some seats on the packed train, reports the Sun
In the now viral clip titled: “how to get a seat on a train in China”, the train passenger can be seen shaking on the floor as if he collapsed from a seizure. Horrified passengers immediately tried to get away from where the man fell and vacated the passenger seats, clearing almost the entire carriage.
The man then bounced up as if nothing happened and casually sat on one of the newly-vacated seats. In the end of the footage, he flashes a grin to the man sitting next to him, proud of his effective seat-grabbing trick.
Netizens who have watched the video were split over the man’s unorthodox move. Some commenters have criticized him for being insensitive to actual sufferers, while others complimented him for being “quick thinking”.  
Then there were those who found the attitude of his fellow passengers highly disturbing as no one appeared to try to help a suffering man.
“Nobody cares that’s why they all moved away,” one commenter said. “He could have been dying and no one would have helped.”
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