Chinese Police Station Has Cat Problem After Saving Dozens of Cats from Slaughter

chinese cat

A police station in Jiangsu province’s Changshu in China is reportedly having feline problems after they saved dozens of cats from being slaughtered.

Earlier this week, police have managed to stop and catch a suspicious truck that was believed to be prowling the city at night to catch cats, and possibly slaughter them for their meat. Upon the arrest, the authorities discovered 69 cats inside the truck along with traps and cages, according to Chinese media Btime, as translated by Shanghaiist via Medium.

Due to the huge number of the cats they’ve recovered, the police station decided to move them to a facility more equipped to accommodate them. The police tried to call animal shelters in the area, but to no avail, they couldn’t take in the felines.

It all ended up with the police returning the cats to their station, and using their budget as well as personal money to buy all the supplies they need to make sure these felines get the care they deserve.

The station tries to ask for help from people on Chinese social media by posting on Weibo. While yes, many people pitched in and donated some of the items they didn’t need to the station, no one actually attempted to adopt any of the cats they’ve recovered.

If anyone who might like to adopt the cat, according to the report, may contact the station through the number 0512–52487411 for more details.

Featured image via YouTube / 社会新闻频道

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