Chinese Businessman Pays Agency $1.1 Million to Find Him Dream Wife, Fails Miserably

A Chinese businessman in his 40s recently won a court case after suing a dating agency for failing to find him his dream wife.

It all started when the businessman known as “Mr. Zhang” hired a Shanghai-based company to find him a mate.

Mr. Zhang was said to be looking for a “pure and sweet” woman between the ages of 20 and 28 and between 5 feet 4 inches and 5 feet 8 inches tall.

The agency ran national auditions and conducted interviews with women all over China. They also ran ads on newspapers, magazines, TV and online.

For the next five years, Mr. Zhang spent 7 million yuan (roughly $1.1 million) for the agency’s services. During that time, the agency was only able to find a total of eight suitable mates for the man, but none of them became his wife.

Unsatisfied, the man demanded a full refund. After the agency refused, he sued them in court. The agency argued that they would only refund a portion of the fees if they couldn’t find him a girlfriend in two years. The court initially ruled that Mr Zhang would only get roughly 1.3 million yuan ($210,000) back.

Mr. Zhang appealed the ruling and was eventually awarded roughly $660,000. The court ruled that the agency couldn’t claim that they had fulfilled their end of the agreement after only finding eight candidates for the man.

Source: People’s Daily via Metro UK

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