Chinese Bus Driver Narrowly Avoids Being Swallowed By Surprise Sinkhole

Sinkholes that appear without warning have become a common phenomenon in China in recent years, tragically swallowing vehicles in many cases.

Luckily for the 21 passengers of a bus in China, their driver was able to maneuver their way out of a disastrous situation when a huge sinkhole suddenly opened up in the middle of the road just as another bus had passed over it, causing it to collapse fully.

The incident, which occurred on Friday in Nanjing, was caught on CCTV street footage. A camera inside the first bus also captured the action as the road started to crumble beneath the vehicle.

The quick-thinking driver of the first bus did not hesitate to step on the gas to accelerate, saving the bus from an unfortunate accident, Shanghaiist reports.

The second bus which began to slow just in time after seeing the first bus avoid a potential catastrophe. Chinese authorities immediately went to work to have the hole repaired.

Sinkholes, which may form gradually or suddenly, are a global phenomenon and a result of some form of a collapse of the surface layer caused by a natural or man-made activity.

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