Video of Chinese bride racing to meet her groom stuck in lockdown garners over 280 million views on Weibo

Video of Chinese bride racing to meet her groom stuck in lockdown garners over 280 million views on Weibo
Chinese Bride Rushes to Meet Groom. Image: Weibo
Rebecca Moon
March 22, 2022
A bride in China raced to meet her fiancé, who was stuck at home due to COVID-19 lockdown regulations, so the two could get married.
The couple, who are both from Tangshan in the northern part of China’s Hebei Province, were scheduled to hold their wedding ceremony on March 19. The groom, Jia Shihan, had planned to pick up the bride, Liu Chang, at 6 a.m.
In China, it is customary for the groom to pick up the bride before the wedding ceremony begins. Unfortunately, for Jia and Chang, the lockdown restrictions made it impossible for the couple to follow this tradition. 
After getting a phone call from her fiancé that he was unable to leave his home, Liu quickly packed her necessities for the wedding and raced to get to Jia’s home before more restrictions could be implemented.
Liu posted a series of videos on her Douyin account showing viewers the journey she makes to meet her fiance at his home for their wedding. 
After the videos were reposted to Weibo, they went viral and amassed over 280 million views since being uploaded on Monday. The hashtag “The bride wakes up and the groom’s district is sealed off” also went viral on Weibo with over 3.8 million views.
“He was supposed to pick me up at 6 a.m., but his compound was closed off, and he was stopped by the security guards at the compound gates,” Liu says in a video. She then explains that despite not having finished her makeup for the wedding, she had decided to head to Jia’s home immediately.
Liu is seen in the video hastily putting her shoes on as she carries large bags holding all her necessities for the wedding.
“My partner’s housing compound has been sealed off, and he can’t go out, so I’m grabbing my things, my gown and shoes and all that, and heading over,” Liu says. “Wish me a happy marriage!”
In one of her videos, Liu posts a series of photos showing her sweet reunion with her fiance at the gate of his residential complex. One photo shows Liu holding several large bags while another shows Jia waiting for Liu on the other side of the gate.
Once Liu arrived at Jia’s home, the couple had to go through a COVID PCR test before starting the wedding as part of the residential complex’s lockdown regulation. 
After changing into their wedding attire, the couple finally held a small and simple wedding with a small group of the couple’s relatives and neighbors in attendance.
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