Chinese Bride Forces Groom to Wear Her Gown Because She’s Afraid to Look Fat In It

The bride and groom at a wedding in China caught their guests by surprise when the couple made their appearance seemingly wearing the wrong outfits.
The wedding, held last Saturday in Nanchong, Sichuan province had the couple’s friends and family pleasantly shocked after the bride was revealed to be wearing a groom’s tuxedo, while the groom wore the traditional long white wedding dress.
According to Guangdong News (via Shanghaiist), the groom,Wu Shuai, revealed that it was Ou Qian, his bride, who first thought of the idea. Wu explained that she was not very confident about wearing the wedding dress herself as she feared she might look too fat in it.
Wu recalled that when they first met in 2011, Ou was a lot slimmer, weighing just 40 kg (88 lbs). She has gained some weight over the years and thought she would not look beautiful in the dress.
Ou then proposed to her future husband that Wu should take the bullet for her and wear the gown himself instead. Wu initially thought against it but his love for Ou immediately changed his mind.
“Sometimes you just have to put yourself in her shoes. It’s the key to a happy marriage,” Wu said.
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