Chinese Bride Drags Groom to Wedding in Chains After He Gets Cold Feet

Chinese Bride Drags Groom to Wedding in Chains After He Gets Cold Feet
Ryan General
February 28, 2017
Hell really hath no fury like a Chinese bride stood up on her wedding day.
Or so it is said of the bride-to-be and her seemingly unwilling groom who were caught on video making a confusing scene on an unspecified busy street in China. In a short clip that recently emerged online, the woman, who was seen wearing a wedding dress, was shown dragging a man in chains on the street.
The bride can be heard coaxing her man to come to their wedding as she dragged him on the asphalt. Commuters watched in shock as the scandalous scene took place.
Apparently, the groom went missing on the scheduled day the couple was supposed to wed, Shanghaiist reports. Fortunately, the bride was still able to have her happy ending after successfully finding her man following a long search.
It was not reported why the man disappeared in the first place, though it seems quite obvious that fear was a main factor.
Some social media users in China have expressed their doubts on the little stunt the bride pulled on her runaway groom.
According to some netizens, the pair may be two actors who are promoting something in hopes of going viral. Others suggested that it could be some form of performance art. Whatever it is, the bride and groom’s spectacle is certainly the perfect backdrop to that Nick Jonas song. 
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