Chinese Boy Terrified of ‘Dinosaur’ Forces Oscar-Worthy Smile For The Camera

A video of a little boy mustering up a smile in the face of terror recently went viral on Chinese social media.

The short film, which was reportedly taken earlier this year during the Lunar New Year holidays, features a young child from China who was completely terrified of a fake dinosaur at a local theme park.

Asked by his parents to pose alongside the fierce-looking T. rex, the unnamed child was forced to hide his fears in an effort to please his parents.

With the animatronic prop roaring behind him, the boy managed to sum up his courage when his mother instructed him to “give it a kiss.” 

The highlight of the video was at the end when the boy’s dad asked him to smile for the camera and he manages to force his mouth into a fake yet convincing smile.

Many social media users found it adorable how the little boy’s face lit up on command. His smile looked so real that netizens jokingly praised his acting ability, with many saying his performance deserves an Oscar award.

Featured Image via YouTube / RM Videos

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