Chinese boy is caught on video trying to hide homework in display refrigerator at store

chinese boy tries to hide homework
  • A boy in China was caught trying to hide his homework in a display refrigerator at a shopping center in Hangzhou, Zhejiang province.
  • The boy takes out a notebook from his backpack and quickly leaves it in the freezer while checking that no one around him is watching.
  • A store employee discovered the notebook and identified the boy through CCTV.
  • The boy and his mother returned to the store and the notebook was handed back along with a complimentary box of stationary.

CCTV footage in China caught a little boy hiding his homework in a display refrigerator at a shopping mall.

On Aug. 16 in Hangzhou, Zhejiang province of eastern China, a young boy kneels in front of what appears to be a display refrigerator inside of a store. He pulls a notebook out of his backpack as he cautiously checks his surroundings. He then quickly places it inside the display refrigerator and walks away. 

Another customer finds the notebook inside the refrigerator and begins to try to find the boy.

The unnamed boy was allegedly shopping with his mother, reported

The mother and son were identified through the CCTV footage and were called in to pick up the notebook. It was returned to the boy, and he was reportedly given a box of stationary as a gift.                          

The young boy’s plan at attempting to lose his homework left many Weibo users amused.

“This is talent,” one user wrote. 

“The child is just afraid that the homework will heat up,” another user joked.

The video, posted to Weibo, has garnered over 3.4 million views and 25,000 likes since being uploaded on Tuesday.


Featured Image via Weibo

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