Chinese Boy Gets Snatched by Human Trafficker in Broad Daylight

What seemed to be one fine day turned out otherwise for a young Chinese boy.
Riding on the back of his mother’s bike, he was snatched by an unidentified man, Beijing Time reported. He was brought towards a van.
The boy’s mother stopped the bike in an attempt to save her child, but it was too late. The kidnapper’s van ran off too quickly.
The incident, captured on camera, happened on August 27. Another child was seated on the bike’s front, presumed to be his brother.
The shocking video has gone viral since its posting on Weibo, with netizens condemning the crime and asking the government to carry out worse punishments.
As per Xinhua News, about 200,000 children are kidnapped (for sale) each year, but only 0.1% find their way back home. Boys are reportedly more expensive as they carry family names.
Watch the terrifying incident below:

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