Boy Narrowly Escapes Death as Huge Concrete Slabs Fall From Building

Boy Narrowly Escapes Death as Huge Concrete Slabs Fall From Building
Carl Samson
August 28, 2018
This is the moment a boy in eastern China managed to escape certain death as huge chunks of concrete fell from the side of a high-rise residential building.
The incident occurred on Aug. 19 in the Xiyinmen estate of Bengbu, Anhui province, according to The Paper.
In a surveillance video, the boy can be seen hesitating before covering his head and dashing out of the collapsing building. 
The boy reached the opposite side milliseconds before giant slabs of concrete fell in his direction.
Residents sitting outside the building also fled after noticing that a part of its wall was about to fall off.
The building is reportedly one of 30 others in the estate, 20 of which are for relocation and 10 for rental.
Unfortunately, six of the buildings have shown similar signs of collapse.
Wu Changfei, manager of the Bengbu Urban Construction Investment Company, which oversees the estate, told Anhui Net that the buildings were built by the government as part of an affordable housing project five years ago.
He suspected that the walls’ insulation material are substandard, consequently failing to withstand changes in temperature.
Residents have since expressed concerns for their safety. Wu’s company promised to renovate as soon as possible.
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