Chinese Boy Cracks Bike Lock in Under 60 Seconds Just By Listening

A schoolboy in southern China is being hailed as a “lock whisperer” after successfully picking a bicycle lock with nothing but his hands and ears in less than a minute.

The boy was filmed in the act in Kunming, Yunnan Province, on Friday. According to, the bike he unlocked was a unit from bike-sharing startup Ofo.

While many were impressed by the child’s cracking skills, others expressed concern over the sustainability of China’s trendy bike-sharing companies, South China Morning Post said.

Meanwhile, some encouraged the boy to make use of his “talent” the “right” way.

Interestingly, other than his hands, the boy used his discriminating sense of hearing to pick the lock.

As seen in the video posted by a man surnamed He, the boy hunched over the bike and listened to sounds that the lock made as he tried to hack it manually.

He apparently confronted the boy and informed him that he paid a 99 yuan ($14) deposit before he could use a bike for one yuan every hour. However, the boy simply walked away.

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