Boy in China Finds Perfect Excuse to Ditch Homework as He Watches His Home Burn Down

chinese boy cheers

A boy in China made headlines this week after he was heard cheering as he watched his house burned down near a store in Mianyang in southwestern China’s Sichuan Province on Jan. 12.

The boy, who looked at the bright side of the situation, can be heard celebrating in a now viral video.

Our home is on fire. Great! I’ll throw my school bag in!” he said in excitement, hoping this would be a good excuse to skip doing his homework, Shanghaiist reported.

However, not everyone seems to share the same positive attitude of the boy.

Some netizens left comments on Chinese social media site Weibo expressing their concern about the future of their nation. Others were curious about what kind of punishment the boy would receive from his father after he sees the video. The boy maintained a positive attitude despite the traumatic experience.

A similar incident happened to a couple from Guilin last week after their house nearly burned down. Instead of being devastated, the couple took several happy selfies together while their faces were covered in soot.

Featured Image Screenshot via Weibo

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