Chinese Boss Has a Crafty Way to Catch His Workers on Their Phones During Work Hours

Employees at one Chinese company who were heavily fined on New Year’s for receiving their bonuses while at work should probably make a New Year’s resolution to find new jobs.

According to Taiwanese newspaper Want Daily, the Chinese company’s head honcho snared employees who used their cell phones while at work by sending them New Year’s bonuses through WeChat, a Chinese messaging app that informs senders of when a user has accepted money sent through the app.

While the bonuses were only 60 yuan ($9), the three employees who took receipt of them during working hours were fined a whopping 500 yuan ($76).

“Usually it’s hard to tell which employees are slacking off work while playing around on their phones, but I came up with a good method to figure it out,” the boss reportedly said of his plan.

While it is illegal in many countries to arbitrarily dock workers’ pay, the Chinese labor market, where workers are expected to be grateful to their employers for giving them jobs, allows it.

Source: Toychan via RocketNews24

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