Three of the Richest Chinese Billionaires Were All Born Under This Chinese Zodiac Animal

A recent report from Wealth-X, an ultra-high net worth consultancy firm, revealed the Chinese zodiac years the top 10 billionaires of Asia were born in, and the results show it’s good to be a dragon.

The top three billionaires on the list, all of whom come from China, were all born in the year of the dragon. At the top is self-made billionaire and chairman of Hutchison, Whampoa Li Ka-Shing, born in 1928, with an estimated net worth of $27.7 billion. Self-made real-estate magnate Lee Shau Kee, who was also born in 1928, comes in second with a net worth of $26 billion. Alibaba founder Jack Ma, who was born in 1964, rounds out the top three with his net worth of $24.6 billion.

Other Chinese zodiac years of Asian billionaires include the year of the horse, rooster, monkey, pig, ox and snake. This year, the year of the goat/sheep, is considered by some to be one of the more undesirable years to be born in terms of success in business, though billionaire Bill Gates, who was born in 1955, might argue.

Some of the most recent years of the dragon include 1976, 1988, 2000 and 2012. The next year of the dragon will be in 2024.

Source: SCMP
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