Chinese Billionaire Visits His Rural Hometown By Landing a Helicopter on a House Roof

A Chinese billionaire was caught on video landing his helicopter on top of a private home during his visit to a mountain village in Cangxi County, Sichuan Province.

The owner of the helicopter was identified as Chinese tycoon and philanthropist Lu Junqing, who frequently visits the rural area and was linked to the 2011 China-Africa charity scandal, according to Shanghaiist.

In the clip, the chopper can be seen hovering above the home before eventually landing on top of the roof.

According to locals, the billionaire has the habit of landing his chopper on top of his private home every time he visits the area.

Some netizens on Weibo pointed out that the helicopter landing does not seem legal. But one user explained the billionaire’s actions perfectly by saying, “If you have enough money, then nothing is illegal.”

Images via Shanghaiist

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