Chinese Netizens Praise Female Biker For Throwing Trash Back into Littering Car

A female motorcyclist in Beijing, China is winning praise for a responsible act that left a car rider with a taste of her own medicine.

The incident along a technology center at the Chinese capital occurred on Sept. 17, according to Sina News.


Video from another motorist shows a white car throwing out a bag of garbage in the middle of the road during a traffic light stop.

Seconds later, a female motorcyclist parks beside the car, picks up the litter and throws it right back at the vehicle.

A woman from the car points back at the biker.

The motorcyclist then speeds off in style, leaving the woman fuming with anger.

The video has since gone viral on Chinese social media, with many praising the female biker’s action.

Netizens commented (via CGTN on Twitter):

It’s unclear whether the litterbug has learned her lesson, but she will most likely remember that eyes are on her.

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