The Chinese Basketball Team Eats At McDonalds Everyday in Rio Because It’s Free

At this year’s Rio Olympics, athletes from all over the world share at least one love — free Big Macs and fries at McDonald’s.

At the Olympic village, athlete’s have only a couple of choices for food — either eat at the cafeteria, which doesn’t offer the best food is usually packed beyond belief, or hit up the McDonald’s, where the line can build up to 100 meters long but where athletes and coaches can eat as much as they want for free.

McDonald’s, while conventionally known to be unhealthy, has been an Olympic sponsor for 40 years. The company employs 200 workers for their stores near the Rio games.

But perhaps one country’s athletes have made a notorious name for themselves by taking advantage of all the free food — China’s basketball team.

One McDonald’s employee who wasn’t allowed to share his name revealed:

“The Chinese basketball team, they come all day, every day. The Chinese eat Big Macs at 9 a.m. It’s crazy.”

But all athletes, not just the Chinese, are taking advantage of the food situation — the restaurant chain has been bombarded by so many athletes coming by after their events to pig out that they’ve had to put up a 20 item limit this week on the amount of orders each person is allowed to make. Athlete’s can, of course, ask for more, but that lowers the priority of their order and increases the wait.

The overwhelming love for McDonald’s at the games isn;t new either — Jamaican superstar Usain Bolt reportedly ate 100 chicken nuggets a day during the Beijing Olympics, later admitting at the London Olympics to having just “a few nuggets” right before he won gold in the 100-meter sprint.

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