Pervert Caught Masturbating to Models at Chinese Auto Show

Pervert Caught Masturbating to Models at Chinese Auto ShowPervert Caught Masturbating to Models at Chinese Auto Show
Ryan General
December 12, 2016
Car shows are always a hit in China, with people flocking  to see not just the wide array of car models on display, but also the several hot women who are hired to liven up the event.
The women may be so gorgeous that most dudes would capture some photos of the beautiful women so they can re-visit the lovely images later on. However, on occasion, there will be a few who may cross the line when engaging with the hot women and end up doing totally inappropriate stuff.
Such is the case of this dude, whose creepy moment at a recent car show in China, has now gone viral on local social media, Shanghaiist reported.
At first glance, it looks like a typical scene at a car show with a man trying to get a nice view of the displayed cars. However, his awkward posture and noticeable arm movements gave his suspicious actions away.
Apparently, this unidentified ogler was unable to keep his business in their pants and decided to “relieve” himself by masturbating on the spot as he gazed at the car show’s hot scantily-clad women.
While he did try to cover up his antics by using his jacket while conveniently squatting on the floor, he was unable to hide from a Weibo user who caught him and uploaded his embarrassing footage online.
Now two disgusting .gif videos are circulating on the internet showing his sad, ill-behaviour and netizens have been posting their commentary on the issue:
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