Chinese Authorities Seize 10 Million Fake Feminine Hygeine Pads

Chinese Authorities Seize 10 Million Fake Feminine Hygeine Pads
Ryan General
By Ryan General
November 3, 2016
Two suspects were arrested in China for allegedly manufacturing over 10 million fake female sanitary pads.
The potentially unsafe counterfeit feminine hygiene products, which are packaged using popular commercial brand names, are produced very cheaply but sold at normal prices once they reach retail stores.
According to (via Shanghaiist), a box of pads costs only 3 or 4 yuan ($0.60) to make and are sold to nationwide distributors for about 5 yuan ($0.75). Grocery stores typically sell them at double the price at 10 yuan per box ($1.50) .
Local police officers claimed that upon checking, the factory in Nanchang, Jiangxi Province, doesn’t even have any  hygiene standards, prompting the authorities to warn local women that shoddy sanitary napkins sold from the factory could cause health problems for users.
One of the suspects, identified only by his surname Wan, said he came up with his illegal business after his bar venture didn’t fly back in 2013.
Nanchang authorities confirmed that they were able to seize 40 million yuan in sanitary napkins from the factory and warehouses. Authorities are further investigating the incident.
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