Chinese Authorities Allegedly Force Man to Get Vasectomy For Having Too Many Kids

Chinese Authorities Allegedly Force Man to Get Vasectomy For Having Too Many Kids

February 17, 2017
A wounded father in China claims he was assaulted and forced into sterilization by local authorities.
Hu Zhenggao described the incident over Weibo on Saturday, AsiaOne reported. He said it happened during the Chinese New Year when he returned to Luokan, his hometown in Zhenxiong County, Yunnan province.
According to Hu, Zhenxiong County officials visited his friend’s house on February 8, where he attended a social gathering, and took him away. He was told to pay 20,000 yuan ($2,915) in fines for violating policies on family planning.
In an interview with Sixth Tone, he said he was “shoved to the sofa” and “attacked by around 10 people” when he tried to leave their custody. He said they threatened to detain him for 15 days if he did not comply with undergoing a vasectomy.
But Hu was confused. The 42-year-old father of four told reporters that he already paid fines when he breached China’s now-reversed one-child policy. He had his first three children with his ex-wife, whom he claimed had been sterilized after their third baby.
Hu now lives with his new wife and their two-year-old child — his fourth — in Sichuan province. Apparently, his wife was also to be detained if he did not say yes to the procedure.
Recalling the incident, He told Sixth Tone:
“I refused to pay the fine. I didn’t think they had administrative power over me, as my hukou [household registration] is not registered here anymore – their actions were illegal.”
Hu underwent a vasectomy the following day. “I’ve known the doctor for more than 10 years. He’s skilled, and he’s nice.”
“I wonder – is this even legal? It is so dark here, a remote place,” Hu desperately asked in his Weibo post, which he accompanied with a receipt of the forced operation.
In response, Xiong Tao, Zhenxiong County’s publicity department head, said Hu’s surgery did not involve maltreatment and threats. He also argued that the procedure was according to the law.
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