Chinese Auntie Throws Epic Shade at Man for Repeatedly Spitting on Train Floor

Video footage has emerged of a heroic auntie publicly putting a man on blast after he repeatedly spit on the floor of a Metro Line 4 train in Shanghai, China.

The woman gave the disgusting man a piece of her mind, telling him, “If I was a boss, I wouldn’t want a worker like you, someone with no manners.

She chewed the subway spitter out while giving him this awesome reaction, which is sure to bring about thousands of memes on Chinese social media:

And of course, the auntie’s message went into the man’s one ear and out the other as he decided to spit on the floor of the passenger car once more, while she continued to throw him the biggest shade.

I give a tissue, ok? You’ve gone too far! You can’t do this. It’s not your home,” the woman said.

The other passengers surrounding them became irritated as well, with some commuters forcing the offender off the train.

The video, which has since gone viral, ends with the auntie throwing down a tissue to cover the spit.

Check out the epic moment below:

According to Shanghai Daily, the man in the video now faces a fine of 500 yuan ($72.49), and the operator also urged more passengers to be like the woman and discouraged such ludicrous behavior.

A similar incident occurred back in July, when a man in Hunan narrowly escaped death after he was pushed off the station platform and onto the train tracks as revenge for repeatedly spitting in public.

h/t: Shanghaiist

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