Chinese Auntie is REALLY Bad at Pretending to Be Hit By a Car

A middle-aged woman in Nanyang, China ran across the road in an attempt to victimize slow-driving cars by pretending she was hit to seek compensation afterwards.
Unfortunately, her trickery didn’t work for one eagle-eyed driver on Saturday.
In a footage, caught by a dashboard camera, shows the fraudster launching herself on the road and targeting the car.
However, the driver slowed down to a full stop moments before she reached the vehicle.
The result was an unforgivably awkward act. The auntie stopped before the car, looked at the driver and let herself fall backward.
The clip eventually went viral on Chinese social media. According to NPR, the local term for this kind of fraud is “pengci,” which literally means “touch porcelain.”
The “fall”
Fraudsters back in the Qing Dynasty would go to crowded places while holding fake, expensive-looking porcelain. They would then drop the article when someone “hits” them and ask for compensation.
We’re not exactly sure how events turned out for the auntie, but it’s safe to bet she’s not getting a damn buck.
Watch her fail:
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